Henrik van Leeuwen.
Artist designer researcher inventor developer
henrik@henrikvanleeuwen.nl +31626931531

Teacher at the Royal Academy of Art, the Hague.
Researcher at the van Eyck Academy.

Supported by the Creative Industries Fund NL and the SIDN fund.

To the extent possible under law, Henrik van Leeuwen has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to this work.

A selection of projects - flexible and random - your machine will break:

ANA - The Discussions
Light and print installation.
MozFest 2016, London, United Kingdom - Curated by V&A and Tate
The Treasure Bands
Screen installation.
In No Particular Order, Dutch Design Week 2015, Eindhoven, the Netherlands
Spying on Societies is Normal
Screen installation with audio and web project.
In No Particular Order, Dutch Design Week 2015,
Eindhoven, the Netherlands
DNA of Our Society
Installation, wood, glass and light.
Self initiated, 2014
Autonomous Network Architecture
Installation, Electronics, App.
Self initiated, 2014 - ongoing
Who Owns the Connection
Data-visualisation, print.
Self initiated, 2013 - ongoing
Expo 2020, Gbadolite
Installation, publication.
EXD'13 Biennale Lisboa, Portugal - 2013
Phllips Machine / MONIAC
Research, publication, illustrations.
Self initiated, 2013 - ongoing
Nodes of the Three
Research, publication, photography.
Self initiated, 2013 - 2014
Quest for the Herz
Installation, prints, audio, screen.
Sandberg Institute, the Netherlands - 2010
Who Pulls the Strings
Installation, Electronics.
Mediafonds@Sandberg - Freemote - Dutch Game Garden, the Netherlands - 2010 - 2012
From Money To Ashes
Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam / WTC Amsterdam, the Netherlands - 2009
Data Warehouse Chapter 7
Museum for the Image (MOTI), Breda, the Netherlands - 2009
(On)begrensde Regelgeving
Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht, the Netherlands - 2007